Glasgow for a Glass of Wine (or Two)

On Saturday, I headed to Glasgow purely to meet up with Elise from Foof & Faff. I was excited mixed with a little bit nervous - what if we didn't get on offline?! - but it was so great to finally rabbit on at each other in person!

So what did we do? We walked and walked and walked, we went to the cinema, we chatted over alcohol. And it was absolutely worth the two and a half hour train journeys.

There aren't many photos because it was a bit drizzly, but here you go:
The backs of buildings
Cool horsey statue on a building which probably has classical symbolism I don't get
Skulls in a metal sign
Clever bathroom showroom sign featuring a man with an umbrella.
Smiley face painted on the ground
Lion statue
We also tried to take a picture of the two of us together - Elise's turned out better, but I had the Program setting on my camera at some weird oversaturated exposure so... um... yeah...
Blurry Sarah and Elise
Next time (and there will be a next time!) we're going to meet up in better weather!


  1. Haha I still like the one of you jumping in front of the camera!  ;)  Mine actually came out kinda dark but I just clicked the auto adjust on PicMonkey and it looked fine!  Yes we will pick better weather for the next outing...but we were good at finding places to hide and drink alcohol anyway, being Scottish pays off sometimes ;)  Also apologies for yapping so much, that's my thing haha!

  2. Ha ha! Yes... are you allowed to drink in parks in Glasgow...? We need to know for next time! And are you kidding?! I love your yapping!

  3. It's really hard to meet blog people online, isn't it? I always come up with a million conversation topics in my head just in case.  Sounds like it went well, though! <3

  4. It did, and we had our tales of cinema projection to fall back on if things got stilted!

  5. Well its Glasgow...wouldn't be surprised! It would need to be Buckfast in a paper bag of course ;)

  6. We need to do this! Most of my favourite bloggers are overseas but YOU. You are here!! :) I'd be worried that my real personality isn't congruous with my blog personality (even though I do try to be as true to myself as possible) and that my real life personage isn't as interesting haha.

  7. We do! Are you ever up in Scotland? We need to sort *something* out.

  8. Well I'm not there regularly despite my copious amounts of family there. But I think myself and Greg would like to visit Scotland when we've got some money so we should definitely sort something out :) xx

  9. Definintely. Or all find an excuse to be in the same place at the same time (where's the midpoint between all the UK bloggers we know?!).


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