Christmas Lights Parade

View down the street as parade approaches
On Sunday, Steve and I watched the Christmas lights parade (we also watched it last year). It had been pouring with rain all day, but luckily the weathered cleared up in time and the streets were mobbed with spectators.

The parade moves slowly along Union Street (the main road) with each set of lights switching on as the ticker tape truck passes beneath them.

My camera was struggling a bit with the darkness so I'm missing decent pictures of some of the more spectacular costumes, but here's a taste of the evening:
Santas on segways
Santas bearing City Council banner
Grinning elves
Some odd looking mascots - a leopard and... um... a mouse with a bagpiper's costume on? Maybe?
Someone dressed as a Christmas tree decoration
Children wrapped in fairy lights
Enormous glowing leopard on the back of a truck
Santas on scooters


  1. So fun, and love the photos :) I can't believe we're less than a month away from Christmas!

  2. I can't believe it's almost December.


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