Bonfire Night! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fireworks Display Here

I love Bonfire Night. Not that Aberdeen has an actual bonfire any more (the only real bonfire I remember going to was in Inverness when I was about ten; we had to keep turning around when our faces got too hot and there was really heavy snow. I think we ate candy floss). But the fireworks! I love the fireworks! 
More fireworks
So, yeah, maybe we should have positioned ourselves where there wouldn't be streetlights in every shot. Never mind! The plus side was that we were at the front of the several thousand strong throng on people trying to get back up the Beach Boulevard after the show.
Some more fireworks
Yet more fireworks
I do limit myself at these things, you know. I took ten photos throughout the twenty minute show - I try to balance the desire for pretty pictures with the oooooooh! and aaaaaaaah! of actually watching the fireworks properly.
Steve and me
And a last look at the fireworks.
And oooooh! and aaaaah! I did.


  1. I love fireworks, well actually I think what I really love is sparklers, but I did kind of miss not seeing any this year. Great photos xo

  2. I love fireworks. When I was a kid I hated them because they were so loud, haha, but now I think they're the shit. Good story, Caitlin.

  3. Fireworks! I love them! These are beautiful! 

  4. Ha ha - you missed the bit, "But then fireworks saved a bag of drowning kittens and I realised..."

  5. I've only ever held one sparkler!


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