George Street

Some time last month (what a backlog of Aberdeen photos I have had!) Elinor and I went for a walk along George Street. This might seem like a strange choice to most Aberdonians - it's very much the shabbier of the "big" streets, full of charity shops and takeaways - but we both find it quite interesting with its mixture of squat little blocks, grand old tenements and the jarringly 60s John Lewis building (it's like a concrete Christmas tree and I love it). Union Street, King Street and Holburn Street - the other big streets - were all built to plan by the Victorians; George Street has been on the go much longer and doesn't have the same uniformity - I love the mish-mash of styles.

Here are some pictures I took along the way:
Old Co-op plaque embedded in the wall of the Bon Accord Centre
Ribbed John Lewis building
Round window in blue door
Old red cross sign
Mikado fish and chip shop
Old Savings Bank building
Pet's Pantry
Philip King Men's Wear


  1. This is such a random street, so many textures! I think all John Lewis' are in this style, the one in Edinburgh is a similar sixties building stuck on the side of the St James center xo

  2. I always love your pictures. Even though they're usually simple, everyday sights for you it's a foreign country to me. It's fun for me to catch a glimpse of another part of the world. I visited Edinburgh a couple years ago and have been in love with Scotland ever since. You live in a beautiful country my dear, rainy and cold though it may be. :)

  3. Yes, this one's got a 1980s shopping centre stuck to the side of it, too.

  4. Thank you! Yes, I feel quite lucky - there's always *something* to look at around here.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I agree with Courtney, so neat to see your everyday photos because they're so different from what I say every day! :)

  6. Exactly why I enjoy seeing yours, too!


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