Celebrating the Sports Stars

Friend taking photo/pipe band lining up
The Olympics and Paralympics may be over, but the sporting stars are still being celebrated all around the country.

On Sunday, Aberdeen's gold medal winners - Katherine Grainger, Neil Fachie and Tim Baillie - plus several more athletes and a swarm of local torchbearers and volunteers were cheered through the city, from gold postbox to gold postbox to gold postbox.

Steve and a friend and I headed down to the Castlegate to watch the parade set off.
Union Street
Crowd with flags
Lining up
With guide dog
Pipe band
CLAN lady with balloons/little girl with flag
Taking photos
Couple with flag
Bunting reflected in window
The end of the parade


  1. Doesn't Hannah Miley have thee most endearing smile? Lovely.

    Sad i couldn't be there on Sunday so glad to see your photos :)

  2. They all had such lovely big smiles!

  3. OMG that little red-headed girl is so freaking adorable!

  4. Isn't she the cutest?! I don't normally use pictures of other people's kids but I just loved this shot so much.

  5. Great pics but I have to ask.. why Twiggy over the street?

  6. There was an over 60s (or maybe 50s?) festival on at the time; she was the face of it.


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