Snippets of Sunshine in Aberdeen

If there's one thing I know about the people who read this blog, it's that you're not that fussed about my posts full of photographs. They consistently get the least views and often zero comments.

Which is a shame because I've no intention of stopping them.

I restrain myself from blogging about the cats' litter tray habits. Believe me, you're getting off lightly.

On that note, we had a couple of days of sunshine recently and I felt it was important to get outside and enjoy them. So here are some of the pictures I've been taking on my wanders around Aberdeen:
Bright green leaves
Kid cycling under arches
Railway track
Shadows on a wooden fence
Circus tent
Sun peaking around a tower block


  1. I like your posts with lots of pictures. I love seeing places where other people live, and frankly places that I will never have an opportunity to venture to. So who cares if no one really comments on them or you don't get a gazillion page hits. Do what you love doing and post what you want to post. Thats my motto!

  2. Oh, me too! I started this blog as a place to put photographs; they're not getting ditched just because I write more than I used to.

  3. Given that i've lived near Aberdeen most of my life, it's pretty embarrassing how hard i find it to place any of these pictures!

    (p.s. i love your photo posts too.)

  4. well done on getting that building to look pretty!!

  5. Thank you! I'm actually struggling to remember where that weather vane was... I think I was standing outside the art gallery when I took it...

  6. The tower block? I actually set myself a challenge to get a good shot of that building and, as I was walking towards it, the sun hit just right. :D

  7. I like your photos! For what it's worth :) 

    I'm glad you've had some sunshine, sounds like that can be pretty rare in Scotland even in summertime!

  8. Yeah, we have good summers and bad summers... but this year I don't think we've had a summer at all.

  9. i love the photograph posts!!!!! i do!

  10. Aw, they love you, too, and send hugs your way. Don't get too excited, though - photograph hugs are not especially squishy.


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