I Hope You Like Butterflies...

Huge blue butterfly
...because my last post from our weekend away was all taken at the Butterfly and Insect World just outside of Edinburgh.

Ohhhhhhh so pretty.

A nice hot room full of plants and fluttering, shimmering butterflies. It's wonderful.
Translucent butterfly
Another butterfly
Three butterflies on a rotten banana
It's... wait for it... a butterfly!
Two butterflies courting
A raggedy butterfly covered in pollen
And finally, here are some humans. My mum took this lovely picture of Steve and me.
Steve and me at the Butterfly World


  1. i DO like butterflies, so naturally i love this. i never went to butterfly and insect world when i lived in edinburgh, i should really go sometime soon! 

  2. You got some great pictures here missy. When we went to the butterfly house in Lancaster, our camera steamed up so we couldn't take any :( I love glass-winged butterflies, so beautiful! 

  3. Thank you! I only wish I could have got some of them flying but they're just too fast for my camera!

  4. Gorgeous photos friend! Looks like a lovely time, as always. You two are adorable.

  5. Ok I looked.  Feel shuddery now.  Like they're on me.  ARE THEY ON ME?!  KILL THE BUTTERFLIES!!!

  6. But I really like the last pic ;)

  7. Ha ha! I'm so proud of you giving this post a try!

    (there are no butterflies on you; they're all trapped in a greenhouse near Edinburgh; you're safe)


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