In Which I Brave a Fascinator

The foggy view from my hotel room windowLovely soup
Me with a great big fascinator on
On the Forth Road Bridge
Hot chocolate
Yesterday, a friend and I attended the annual invite-only garden party at Holyrood Palace. There were cucumber and mint sandwiches and everything. And royalty. Oh, yes. It was quite the event.

It was also quite the road trip with pea soup fog, flooded car parks and a hotel blighted by a vomiting bug, but a big bag of barley sugars and some hot drinks got us through and now we can say, "When I was at a party with the Queen..."

Here goes:

When I was at a party with the Queen:
  • The cakes were plentiful and delicious.
  • There was nowhere near enough seating for even just the frailer, older members of the crowd, never mind the rest of us.
  • It was overcast but dry and I got a touch of sunburn.
  • She was within touching distance of me and looked very nice in her periwinkle blue and white outfit.
  • I discovered that invites to meet royalty do not turn rude people pleasant (shoving old ladies out of the way so you can get to the front of the crowd? Not classy).
  • I admired most people's simple elegance. Natural tones and demure dresses all the way.
  • The band played Broadway showtunes.
  • I wore my very first fascinator and didn't feel the least bit self-conscious.
We absolutely were not allowed to take cameras in with us which, me being me, I found a challenge, but it was nice to see a crowd of people chatting and paying attention instead of just snapping lots of shots.


  1. Wow!  Nice fascinator :-)  My mum and dad were also lucky enough to attend this, they had a great time :-)

  2. This sounds amazing! My mum went to an afternoon do at Holyrood a couple of years ago and said it was amazing too. Such a pity you couldn't take a camera, although I can understand why. You're so lucky it didn't rain as well, there's been massive downpours all this week. Loving the fascinator as well, perfect excuse to wear something fancy! xo

  3. I'll bet! It was quite the day. :D

  4. I know! It was forecast to pour! Aberdeen was hidden under fog all day (it still is), so I think we were really lucky.

  5. Elinor Vickers5 July 2012 at 14:22

    Sun! Show tunes! Fascinator! Sounds amazing. I hope you didn't actually reach out to touch the Queen though...

  6. fun!!! nice fascinator. and nice bragging rights. :D

  7. Oh, just casually hanging out with the Queen...
    You pull off the fascinator very nicely!

  8. Wow, how exciting!

    The fascinator looks great too 

  9. No, I thought the men the jabby speary sticks would frown upon it.

  10. Just us and 8,000 of our closest friends... I mean, strangers...

  11. I love it! And aren't you fancy, eating at a palace and things!

  12. The perks of working for a charity!


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