The Olympic Torch Street Party

Before anyone mentions it, I totally get the irony of dissing running in yesterday's post (which, by the way, I was incredibly nervous about doing - what if all my running friends skipped the disclaimer and took it as an attack?!) and watching the Olympic Torch Relay coming to town in this one. Yadda yadda, I like a chance to photograph a crowd.

So, anyway, on Monday night the Olympic Torch came to town and a huge street party was held in its honour. I was surprised by which of my friends did and did not think this was a big deal, but me? I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see something so spectacular right there on my doorstep.

And clearly I was not alone:
Crowds on Union Street
More crowds
And more crowds
When I say "right on my doorstep", I mean it. Living right in the centre of the city, Steve and I had a fantastic view of the people and the entertainment; we also had to cope with a vibrating flat and two very pissy cats, but it was only for a couple of hours!
Me looking at the window, binoculars in one hand, cup of tea in the other
Picture by Steve
Here are some of the sights I saw:
Crowds at the Coca Cola bus
Two identical children
Bank of Scotland employees dancing with balloons
Somebody else with balloons
Children's feet on a railing
Gymnasts doing funky moves
Emeli Sands singing
Little smiley ginger boy running with a Scottish flag
Don't worry - that street was totally shut to traffic!

The only thing we couldn't see from the flat was the narrow path the actual torch would be carried along, so we nipped downstairs hoping to catch a glimpse of it. We caught just a glimpse and nothing more.
Flame visible amongst crowd
So we ran back up to the flat and grabbed the binoculars in time to watch it reach the stage.
Woman with flame on stage
I'm told the torch will be passing within an hour's travel of just about everyone in Britain - who else is going/did go to see it?


  1. I really wish I had bothered to go out and see it in Edinburgh, but there was no way I could take Mania and her auntie (who I'm dog sitting) into that big a crowd. Even if you aren't into the Olympics it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

    Great photos, you really caught the celebratory atmosphere xo


  3. I like seeing the highlanders hidden in the crowd :)

  4. No, not a place for dogs!

    And thank you. :)

  5. Me, too! I wonder if anybody else would notice. :)

  6. BallisticGypsy21 June 2012 at 16:52

    Amazing!  & what a fantastic view of the festivities!


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