King Street

Today, Steve and I had an errand to run at the far end of King Street.

King Street is the main road running between the university and the city centre; it's full of memories for me - the bedsit where the electricity meter ran on discontinued coins; the flat where one of my flatmates didn't speak a single word to me throughout the course of a year; the video shop where I worked on three separate occasions which is now an ice cream parlour... I dropped my keys there in first year; I spent three hours arguing with BT in a phone box which used to be there; I went to a party in that building where the host was loudly too cool for The Strokes...

I want to photograph it properly some day, when I don't have Steve in tow trying hard not to look bored. Much of the street is terribly, terribly run down, but it's such a lovely mixture of crumbling old buildings and secret passages and dusty old detailing, I find it quite enchanting.


  1. King Street fascinates me too. I once went in one of those lovely old C18th townhouses tobuy a wet hoover tube for work...Mutch's? It was decrepit and maze-like, just how I love....

  2. I've never been inside, but I used to place orders with them all the time (several jobs ago) and there were two guys who worked there who were JUST SO NICE.

  3. I once went to a party in one of the flats at the start of King street. They are massive! and quite lovely if they still have the old features :)

  4. Yes, there's one up for sale just now which a friend of a friend used to live in (I got my first washing machine from them in 1999) and it's absolutely beautiful.

  5. Lovely mix of scene and details :)


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