In Which Lola and I Learn that We Are Irresistable to Cows

On Sunday, Lola and I headed out to Lochinch Farm to learn about bees. Here's a ginger bee to prove my point:
Ginger bee!
We really enjoyed having a reason to wander around in the countryside. It's so easy to forget what great nature reserves Aberdeen has within easy reach, even for those of us who don't drive.
Loirston Loch seen from a bird hide
The nature reserve by Loirston Loch is about a thirty minute walk along Redmoss Road. And on that walk you can see deer!
A deer!
Okay, the deer aren't guaranteed. But the cows pretty much are. And the cows may be pleased to see you. We were a bit alarmed by how enthusiastically they all leapt up and rushed over to stare at us.
Cows getting to their feet
Lots of cows walking towards us
Lots more cows walking towards us
A calf staring at us
Three cows staring at us
And we fell sorry when we had to go.


  1. you're back!!! i couldn't look at your blog for the longest time--the internet wouldn't let me. :( 
    ah. all is right in the blog world again.

  2. Hahaha I love that last one! But kind of scary...glad you guys had fun :)

  3. Those cows were sinister. Or hungry. Or sinisterly hungry. One of those.

  4. What a sweet baby cow!

  5. Such a sweet chocolatey colour. :)

  6. Ok, I love cows. But I was getting pretty scared by the end of this post haha. The last picture is great, I imagine them to be saying "if we hide behind this wall she won't see us staring at her!" 

  7. We thought, "Now that we've found you, dooooooon't leeeeeeeeeeave usssssss!"


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