Over the Spital

The other day, I was at a meeting in Old Aberdeen; it ran into my lunch hour so I was able to walk back into town slowly, with my camera in my hand.

The road I was walking was The Spital. "Spital" is an old word for hospital; many centuries ago, before all the towns and villages seeped together and joined into one big city, this was considered an empty enough, safe enough place to build a leper hospital. Over the centuries, it has become built up and is now an odd but beautiful mixture of homes from all different eras, many of which are tucked away down tiny overgrown closes.

As fascinating as I find Aberdeen's history (and I really do), I can't do it justice in this post. I'm also not certain enough of a lot of the details to state them here as facts - Elinor and Lola both know far more about this stuff and would spot my mistakes! So enough with the writing; let's get on to some pictures.
Red Lion signage
A shiny bird I should know the name of
Purple flowers growing out of a wall
Former convent
A very pretty house I always wanted to live in
Overgrown garden and broken fence
Colourful houses


  1. Beautiful photos! What kind of bird is that?! It looks sort of like a crow... I don't know but it's an awesome looking bird what ever it is :)

  2. my husband just applied for a job in aberdeen, and we're REALLY hoping he gets it. all of the photos i've seen of the city look really lovely!

  3. It's a magpie. You're supposed to salute them so they don't bring you bad luck. I forgot...

  4. Well, it has its rough parts but there are a lot of very, very pretty areas and it's small enough that you can walk everywhere. If you find yourselves up this way, give me a shout. :)

  5. Beautiful photos :) I had a friend who was attacked by magpies as a kid, to this day he's still terrified of birds! 

    I love seeing photos of your city :)

  6. Oh, good, because this coming week's a bit photo-heavy on the blog...!

  7. don't forget the rhyme as well :)

  8. I know. Sorrow for me. Damn birds.


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