Night at the Museums

On Saturday, King's Museum and the Zoology Museum were open late, with a whole load of kids' activities going on. Steve, Lola and I went along for a nosy.

To be honest, we were too overwhelmed by the volume of hyperactive children to look at much or take many pictures, but they are definitely worth a visit.
Mammoth skeleton
Assorted other skeletons
Armoured catfish skeleton
Some creepy taxidermied animal having a cunning idea
Here are the others attempting cave painting (with, eh, lead pencils...). If you can see a very angry looking cat just above Steve's hand, that's mine.
Steve drawing on a wall
Lola drawing on a wall


  1. I love the zoology museum!

  2. My eyelashes look mental long! my horse looked like a horse. I was happy :)

  3. I LOVE museums! But you're right, kids don't help the experience.

  4. I used to work at a children's science museum so this post is making me a wee bit nostalgic!

  5. It's just that there were about 600 of them, no joke. The volume. THE VOLUME!


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