13 Films to Give You the Creeps

For those of you who - like me - don't like straight up gore fests but do enjoy the occasional shock and shiver.

The Grudge
Yes, the remake; I don't hold with the belief that remakes are automatically bad movies. Personally, I think this one is great. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays an American nurse who has not long moved to Japan and, for me, that added a whole extra element of discomfort - trying to integrate into an unfamililar culture has to be hard enough without having to deal with an apparently haunted house as well! Very creepy!

The Blair Witch Project
I remember seeing a particularly poor pirate copy of The Blair Witch Project months before anybody had heard anything about it. I didn't know what to expect and it creeped me the hell out! By the time it did hit the cinemas, I was working as an usher - I saw people vomiting in the aisles with fear, but I also saw people walking out, unimpressed because it could never live up to the hype. If you don't know anything about this film, don't read up on it; it's one to be watched unprepared.

The Awakening
This one came out just last year and I didn't really fancy it; I just went along to keep Steve happy. It turned out to be genuinely chilling. Rebecca Hall plays a woman who exposes supposedly paranormal hoaxes; she is invited to investigate ghostly sightings at a boys' boarding school, but when she gets there things don't quite go as she was expecting...

Let the Right One In 
The Swedish version (I haven't seen the remake so can't comment on it).

A bullied little boy befriends a girl who turns out to be a vampire. That sounds cack. It's really not.

An American Werewolf in London 
The classic werewolf (not "wereworld" as I keep typing) movie. Two Americans are hiking through the British countryside when they are mauled by a large beast; one dies and the other discovers he's now a werewolf. At turns funny, touching and scary, this is one I'll watch over and over again.

Pan's Labyrinth 
Set in fascist 1940s Spain, Pan's Labyrinth follows a little girl who is lured away from her unhappy homelife into a gothic world where she is challenged to prove her worth as a princess. This is no fairytale adventure, though; this is dark, disturbing and ultimately quite thought provoking, too.

The Descent 
This film creeps me out just thinking about it. A bunch of sporty friends go cave-diving, but something goes terribly wrong and they find themselves trapped underground and they're not alone... The strong female characters and familiar Scottish accents particularly appealed to me, but it's worth a watch regardless.

The Vanishing 
There is an American remake of this with a stellar cast (by "stellar" I mean Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland; this is my blog and I'll go by my celebrity definitions!) but there is one great big important unforgivable change to the plot and, for that, I'm going to insist you stick to - or at least start with - the original.

Three years after a man's girlfriend disappears, he starts getting letters from her abductor and finds himself investigating what has become of her...

30 Days of Night 
Do I really think this is one of the thirteen best scary movies ever made? I do not. But it is pretty good. And, more importantly, it's one of the first scary movies I ever watched with Steve. It's about a town in Alaska which, cloaked into darkness for thirty winter days, becomes a haven for bloodthirsty vampires.

Strange Days
I'm not sure if this really counts as a scary movie - it's more of a sci-fi crime drama - and it's a little bit dated. But I love it so I've decided to include it.

The year is 1999 and the latest illicit technology allows people to both see and experience other people's memories. When an ex-cop receives a disc containing memories of a murder, he gets drawn into a gruesome and grungy investigation.

The Shining 
A family is spending the winter alone in the mountains, caretaking a luxury hotel. A luxury haunted hotel. And then the cabin fever starts to set in...

Dark City 
I love Dark City. It came out just before The Matrix and covers a lot of the same ground, but I believe it does it better. In part because it does it in period outfits instead of PVC.

Anyway, yeah, the plot. Rufus Sewell wakes up in a bath, unable to remember anything about himself. With hints from Kiefer Sutherland and a few bizarre experiences, he starts to piece together the truth about the world in which he lives - a world controlled by The Strangers...

Dead Snow 
The trailer for Dead Snow looks terrible. It really does. My friends and I almost didn't watch this. Nazi zombies attacking Norwegian medical students in the snow? Really?

Really. It. Is. Hilarious. At least, we thought so, and we weren't so drunk that we couldn't read the subtitles. What does everybody else think?


  1. Oh man, "Blair Witch Project" totally messed me up! It's funny because for some people it wasn't scary at ALL but I hardly slept that night.  Good picks :)

  2. I am a huge scary movie fan and LOVE this list!! A few on here I need to check out :)

    xo Shane

  3. Pan's Labyrinth is definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen.

  4. you definitely have some good ones listed! i absolutely LOVE horror movies. but its hard to find real good ones that actually give you the chills and have you hiding behind a blanket while you watch them (sorry-  i watch everything from home) 

    i just want to comment about a couple you posted:

    blair witch. i saw this when it first came out and was in pre-release. it was playing in the city i lived in MA and we watched it in this super creepy theater, it also doubled as as theater (production theater - not just movies) so the screen actually hung across the stage. there were balconies and velvet seats. really fancy, but very very old theater house, so it added to the movie. we didnt know what to expect. there were maybe 5 other couples there (again this is before people knew what it was) and i have to admit - i was SCARED. i remember leaving there and we walked to a local bakery and people were in there talking and one girl was crying. i watch it now and don't think its scary- simply because of the hype and ive seen it. but it was filmed in a totally new way and looked like it was a true video that someone found. i left asking if it was real and we honestly didnt really know what to think. so they get an a+ for creativity and scaring the pants off many many millions of people!

    the desent is also one effed up movie (if i can say that on here!!) i jumped out of my chair as soon as i saw the first creature and i screamed "what was THAT?!?!" hahah

    the shining: seriously the one true horror movie that continues to scare me every time i watch it. it never gets old and the scare factor never wears off - a true classic and one of my most feared movies

    pans labyrinth - one of my favorite and visually striking movies i have seen. i love this movie, but im not afraid of it.

    (ive actually seen all the movies you posted about - just wanted to share a little about these few =)


  5. How on earth did I agree to go and see a scary movie?! I got nightmares watching someone else play a scary videogame, I was 23 at the time...

  6. Great list! I'll have to add some of these to my "to watch" list. Dead Snow has actually been on there for awhile now. :)

  7. You're going to see a scary movie?!

  8. Bump it to the top of the list :)

  9. Maybe, depends if I agreed to any with you in the next few months :)

  10. Oh... yeah... but those are GOOD!


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