Edinburgh: Part Three (Wild, Wild East)

Sunday Morning

We all got up early and caught a bus to Morningside so we could explore Edinburgh's slice of the Wild West. Kirsten already knew about this and I had recently seen Zoƫ's post and was keen to have a nosy.

Isn't this bizarre? It's just tucked away off a side street (Springvalley Road) and overlooked by a load of flats.


  1. Ha ha, this is at the bottom of my street!  It is pretty well hidden though - I've lived here two and a half years and only discovered it about a month ago...

  2. Ah, I'm jealous! We were standing at the bus stop afterwards with me asking Steve, "Can we move to Edinburgh now? Can we? Now? To Morningside? Now?"

    Then we got on the bus and the driver yelled at me for not telling him my destination (eh, hello...?) and I realised that Edinburgh has its downsides, too...

  3. What!! I love weird stuff like that. Very cool. I'd definitely be down there taking pictures too.

  4. Hahaha that it so cute! Love it. Made for some nice photos though.

  5. That's so odd, I never would have thought this existed in Scotland.


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