Broadford Works

In Aberdeen city centre, in the square of land between Hutcheon Street, George Street, Maberly Street and Ann Street, sits an enormous, abandoned textile mill. It's been sitting empty for years and is in a terrible state of repair. For the longest time, every time I've walked past it, I've thought I should stop and take photos. You know: before it becomes well tended and useful again.

On Thursday lunchtime, I finally did.

This was part of my "set your camera to black and white" challenge and I decided not to fiddle with any of these shots before uploading them.

Things I saw on my way there:
Woolmanhill Hospital
Steps to... nowhere?
The student flats (right) look like a gnome to me.
Things I saw as I wandered around outside the factory site:
Building on George Street
Wall on Hutcheon Street
What I wouldn't give to get behind the fences and have a wander around in there...!


  1. Looks like an amazing place and great pics!

  2. When I was in the knitting society at uni, some guy suggested that we go "borrow" wool from Broadford Works .. apparently it's just sitting around inside waiting to be used!

  3. Fabulous shots. I love all the textures. 

    Btw: Your spotlight is up :)

  4. Beautiful photos :) Can I come visit you?!

  5.  When you make it to Scotland, you had BETTER come visit me!

  6. Given how much paperwork is lying around in there, I wouldn't be surprised...!

  7. It's easy to get in and have a good luck :)

  8. What I wouldn't give is my dignity when I go bright red and burst into tears because I've just been caught and told off.


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