Out of the Ordinary Moments

It's a new year (I'm sure you've heard), and most of us are the proud owners of pristine new diaries, journals and calendars. We need something to put in them!

Rather than continue with Why Don't You...? in its old format - which sometimes meant bombarding you with suggestions you couldn't make time for - I thought I would publish this year's full list of ideas today. Scribble them in your diary; add them to your calendar; jiggle them around to fit your schedule but plan for an out of the ordinary moment every week of the year.

2nd JanSmile at your own reflection every time you see it
9th JanDo something on your own
16th JanSend postcards; consider Postcrossing
23rd JanLeave an old book in a public place
30th JanGet eight hours sleep a night
6th FebDo one of those craft projects you've pinned or drooled over in a book
13th FebPlay a board game
20th FebTry a new cafe or shop
27th FebPut the cheap chocolate down and buy the good stuff
5th MarEat something you've never tried before
12th MarSet your camera to black and white and find a reason to use it
19th MarCull your contacts lists; weed through your RSS feed
26th MarThat item of clothing you bought but are too scared to wear? Wear it this week
2nd AprDo something you weren't allowed to do as a child
9th AprDo something scary for Friday 13th
16th AprEat at a table
23rd AprSend flowers to a friend
30th AprRe-read your favourite childhood book
7th MayBite back the negativity
14th MayClear out your pockets or your handbag
21st MayHave a night out which isn't dinner, drinks or a movie
28th MayBake something you're already good at; if there isn't anything, ask for a friend's favourite recipe instead
4th JuneClean the thing you usually ignore
11th JuneMake plans with someone you haven't seen in a while
18th JunePaint something - it doesn't have to be a picture
25th JuneReproduce a childhood photo (think Dear Photograph or Young Me Now Me)
2nd JulyRecommend three books to friends
9th JulyHave a picnic
16th JulyMake a feelgood mixtape
23rd JulyPlay at tourists in your own town
30th JulyWatch that silly film you think you're too grown up for
6th AugSend real mail
13th AugClear out your toiletries and cosmetics stash; where necessary, replace
20th AugOverdress
27th AugMake that appointment you've been procrastinating about
3rd SeptGo on a trip with friends
10th SeptEat dessert
17th SeptGet some fresh air
24th SeptWrite down one guilty secret and let it go
1st OctDo something you've never done before
8th OctBuy flowers for your home
15th OctRepair your clothes; clean out your wardrobe
22nd OctHave cocktails
29th OctBook a day off work and do almost nothing with it
5th NovDrink more water
12th NovHave a DVD day. Watch one old favourite, one comedy and one film you know nothing about
19th NovPose for the camera
26th NovDo something you loved as a child
3rd DecWear or use that thing you save for best
10th DecBake or cook something you've never tried before
17th DecBuy yourself a Christmas present
24th DecWander aimlessly; take photographs as you go
31st DecFill your new diary with another 52 out of the ordinary moments


  1. Great idea - I've just come across your blog recently (and am now already hooked on TTF), but I'm now going to be hooked on your "Why Don't You" ideas too!

  2. This is such a refreshing idea! Instead of the same old resolutions, it feels more like a fun stuff-I-actually-want-to-do list.


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