The News Where We Are

There are two big pieces of news from the Rooftops household this weekend.

Firstly, meet Gizmo:
Gizmo came to live with us two weeks ago, having spent the previous five months hiding behind a sofa because he didn't like his family's new baby.

His first week here was painful. He would only come out from under the bed after dark, and when he did he was mostly just looking for safer places to hide - he even got in behind the bath panel and jammed himself right under the tub at one point. And Polly wasn't exactly helpful, hissing and howling every time she caught sight of him. Last weekend, Steve and I were brainstorming friends who might want to rehome him instead.

But things have improved a lot over the past week. Polly still hisses if he gets within a metre of her, but he's found his courage and is wandering around the flat at all hours, hunting out the comfiest places to sleep and headbutting Steve and me for attention. Fingers crossed he and Polly will come to properly tolerate each other soon.

In other news... Steve and I have remortgaged the flat. The significant bit here being "Steve" because until this week I was the sole property owner.

It seems like it should have been a scary decision, giving half my property to my boyfriend, but it really wasn't. He's been living here for a year, paying half the mortgage and, to be honest, I've taken such a drop in salary since buying the place, I couldn't afford to keep it without him! The remortgage gives us both a bit more security, significantly reduces our monthly bills, and has allowed me to pay off my home improvement loan - hurrah!

What's new with you?


  1. Yay! Congrats on remortgage-ing! :) And your new lil guy is so sweet! I have a soft spot in my heart for black cats, since I grew up with my very own. :)


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