Old Aberdeen

On Sunday, Kirsty and I took a guided walk around Old Aberdeen. We both spent several years at Aberdeen University, walking up and down the High Street every day, thinking how pretty it was but never bothering to find out more about its history; on Sunday we learned about almost every building on the street - it was fascinating.

It was a rainy day but that didn't stop me taking pictures along the way:
This little sun meant that the fire brigade would come to the rescue if this house was on fire; amazing to think that used to be something you had to arrange!
I must owe the university a small fortune for wandering all over the grass on summery days.
This is a tiny little path which leads to a teensy old Roman Catholic cemetery; neither Kirsty nor I had ever realised it was there!


  1. These photos are soo pretty! Is this somewhere in the UK? These pictures are exactly what I picture it to look like!

  2. Thanks Amber! Yes, they're in Aberdeen in North-East Scotland; it's one of the prettiest bits of the city.

  3. What a good idea to do a guided walk. I've been meaning to see if I can join a local walk for ages, I'd love to know about the history of the houses on my street.

    Beautiful photo's...

  4. Just found your blog!

    What an absolute gorgeous location! So jealous right now!

  5. Thanks everyone - it is a gorgeous bit of town; my friend Lola lives right in the middle of it and (much as she points out the cracks and the subsidence and the cold) I'm so jealous of her!


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