Along Came Polly

Everyone! Meet Polly! (but slowly and quietly because she's very, very timid)Despite her kitten-like appearance, Polly is about 7-8 years old and came to us completely unexpectedly. A friend of a friend had adopted her from the SSPCA, but their other cat wasn't making her feel too welcome and so, on Tuesday night, she came to live with us instead.

Poor Polly has had a tough couple of months and we know nothing about her life before that other than her previous owner decided to move out and leave her locked in an empty house. She's ever so timid - it took 48 hours for her to come out from under the sofa and she still runs and hides every time she hears anybody in the stairwell - but now that she's decided Steve and I are okay she's turned out to be a huge sook and extremely playful. We are so in love.


  1. She is an absolute cutie! Glad she's coming out of her shell (and from under the sofa!)

  2. Congratulations! Adopting an animal is good but being adopted by an animal is even better... she's so pretty!

  3. She looks so sweet :) Yay for you guys! She'll be so lovely when she adjusts - wonderful!

    I'm so excited for your new friend :)

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