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One Month: January

January has been a reminder of why I don't usually block book groups for the kids. They've spent the past four weeks taking turns at being ill, and we've missed so many of our storytime classes that the remaining three sessions are costing me £17 each.

They did somehow manage to be well enough for the various birthday parties they were invited to, though. Amazing what the promise of cake can achieve.

My own block booking hasn't gone particularly well, either, as it happens. I've missed three out of four dance classes this term because of a dodgy shoulder. I don't know what I did to it - the only thing I've hit is 41.

Instead of dance classes, I have a new routine of shoulder exercises gleaned from the NHS website. It can be summarised as "leaning on a chair in a particularly nonchalant manner" and "hanging around doorframes in exactly the way my parents always told me not to". I'm more or less back to normal now.

Still, January hasn…

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