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The Rest Of May

May 2020, the month when we reached the bottom of the children's sticker book pile. Even the previously spurned "boring" pages have been done. They've used stickers of ants and gloves and traffic lights, such was their desperation to adhere pictures to a page.

The two year old has covered many bits of paper in googly eyes.

The five year old has turned an Amazon box into a Vroomster for her collection of plushie Go Jetters (don't bother googling those things - it's a kids' TV show about historical landmarks you're not allowed to visit right now).

Scotland is into phase one of easing lockdown. I am wholly in support of Scotland's cautious approach, but phase one makes very little difference to my family. Places we can't get to without a car are open. We can meet up with another household outdoors, as long as we stay two metres away from them. Which means that we can't meet up with another household outdoors because I can't think of any …

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