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Ten New Books I Bought The Kids

Remember those ten books I bought for the kids which they ignored in favour of cardboard? Well, they've finally read - and, crucially, liked - them all. 
Here they are, with our (slightly banana-encrusted) thumbs up:
Fiction For Both My 2 and 5 Year Old

Paper Planes by Jim Helmore and Richard Jones Best friends, Mia and Ben, live next door to each other and love making paper planes together. When Ben moves away, they are both devastated. There are many things I like about this book but perhaps my favourite is that it shows a little girl feeling and expressing anger (without any follow up moralising). 5yo is particularly taken with it as she aspires to engineer complicated paper planes. 

Joy by Corrinne Averiss and Isabelle Follath Fern's Nanna has seemed very sad recently, so Fern heads out with a bag and a box and various other containers to find and catch her some joy. Unfortunately, Fern doesn't manage to catch any joy, but when she visits Nanna and tells her about the wonder…

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